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Unique Custom 3d Sculpts as Gifts for men in your life
Unique Custom 3d Sculpts as Gifts for men in your life
Unique Custom 3d Sculpts as Gifts for men in your life
Unique Custom 3d Sculpts as Gifts for men in your life
Unique Custom 3d Sculpts as Gifts for men in your life
Unique Custom 3d Sculpts as Gifts for men in your life
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Unique Custom 3d Sculpts as Gifts for men in your life

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Specific and custom-made for each buyer. An Ideal gift for your friends, and family on occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or celebrations. Already have many happy customers.

Read carefully before buying:

🌐We digitally 3D Sculpt and bring the sculpt to life by 3D printing the Custom Figurines With high-quality resin print.
The process happens in these steps.
💡Digital 3D Sculpt - Magic happens here, and more time & and effort are spent here
📍3D printing-bring the sculpt to life by 3D printing the Digital 3D Custom Figurines
👉🏻Prime & Paint
🌐Ship the item- Boom!

Let us know your preference and size requirements. All we need is a few reference pictures of your loved ones.

👉🏻The bigger model may cost you extra as it takes more material and postal charges. Small variations may not have a cost impact.

📌The finished product is mono-color primed as we deemed appropriate and sanded for a smooth finish. Refer Pictures. if you have any specific requirements on color please advise accordingly. White, Black, Gold, and silver are our recommendations.

💡PS: We can paint it as per your needs at an extra cost.

If you would like to paint yourself we can provide it in parts so it becomes easier to paint before you glue them together as one piece.

We can post across the world unless there are strict border rules due to Weather extremity, War, Pandemic, or Postal restrictions.

Please Keep In mind: As these Items are custom-made and made to order It may take a few extra weeks to deliver
. Our Average Creation time( 3D Sculpting, 3D printing, Post-processing & shipping)is around 5-6 weeks.

👉🏻How it Works:

1. Initial Consultation: We start with a consultation to learn about the person or a thing you wish to 3DSculpt

2. Design Development: Our artists create a design that captures the essence of Your Loved ones.

3. Review & Approval: You review the design, and we incorporate any feedback to ensure the sculpture genuinely reflects your loved one's spirit.

4. Sculpture Creation: With your approval, we 3D print the Item
5. Quality Assurance & Finishing: The sculpture undergoes a quality check and final touches are added to enhance its beauty and longevity.

6. Delivery: We carefully pack and deliver the memorial sculpture to you.


1. The creation process takes between 4-6 weeks from the date of confirmation.
2. The cost includes the 3D design, 3D printing, Prime and /OrPaint & Shipping
3. Prices vary depending on the design, size, and volume.
4. We need 10-15 reference images showing all sides of the subject.
5. Our minimum sculpture size is 15 cm

••Revisions:•• 📌5-7 Revisions Until we give the Model for Printing📌

📍We reserve Digital file rights, which include photos to market our business (we respect your privacy, so no private information is shared including the name of whose portrait it is). Production of copies is for you or the agreed parties only, meaning your pieces cannot be reproduced without prior consent 📍

(c)Copyright Artmellows: All rights Reserved! Copyright gives the creator, exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, perform, display, or license our artwork.

**📍Order canceling**
We can refund you the total value if the order is canceled within 24 hours of ordering. But this policy is not suitable for the expedited order and not valid once we start the Project.

👉🏻Likeness Disclaimer: While we diligently aim to capture a high degree of likeness based on your images, please understand that our creations are custom-made and handcrafted. As such, slight variations or imperfections might be present, adding to the unique charm of each piece.

Please note, that as each piece is handcrafted, slight variations may occur. You can also order other bigger sizes like 20 cm, 40 cm, or 60 cm.

No refunds are offered as this is custom-made to order Items.
👉🏻As our shop is a digital( 3D Sculps) and Physical (3D Prints) custom Work( i.e. we create Digital 3D sculpts first, 3D Print(Including prime and paint), and finally ship them), we are unable to refund. However, We will repair the custom item & and send it back to you if it arrives damaged in transit ( you send the damaged item back to us at your own cost). If we are unable to repair then we reprint the item and send it to you at our cost.
We do not accept change-of-mind Returns as these are custom-made to order.

About us
I'm Manny a digital Sculptor, Founder of Artmellows based in the beautiful city of Melbourne Australia with my lovely wife, daughter, and doggo.
🌐Using advanced 3D Sculpting and 3D printing technology, I can transform your favorite characters, your family, pets, or even yourself into a high-quality, fully realized figurine.

💠Each figurine is made to order, and I work closely with you to ensure that every detail is perfect. From the initial design process to the final product, I am dedicated to creating a one-of-a-kind figurine that you will cherish for years to come.
🔵Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or loved one, or simply want to add a personalized touch to your home or office decor, a custom 3D figurine is a perfect choice.
Available Color Combo: Dark Grey+ Silver , Dark Grey + Gold
Available Size:s 15 cm,20 cm, 40 cm and 60 Cm
Material: Resin/PLA Plastic
REVIEWSUnique Custom 3d Sculpts as Gifts for men in your life


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